When Do You Need a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

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you need a deep teeth cleaning

Growing up, we were always told to brush and floss our teeth on a daily basis. The recommended frequency for this type of regimen would be twice a day. But even with a routine like this, there is always a need for professional teeth cleaning in Livonia.

If you are someone who has spent years neglecting your visits to a dental office in Livonia, now is the best time to schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning near you. There are things that only a dental hygienist from a dental office in Livonia can do. A good example would be cleaning those hard to reach areas properly.

Why should you book a deep teeth cleaning near you?

Plaque buildup is common but can be avoided. A proactive step that one can make would be to schedule a session with a dental office in Livonia. However, when your teeth are not cared for properly, these are some indicators that you may need a deep teeth cleaning: deep pockets that are beyond 4mm and neglecting regular teeth cleaning appointments.

The Differences Between Regular Teeth Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Those who have healthy gums can settle with regular teeth cleaning in Livonia. This type of cleaning is recommended for those who have good oral health to begin with. These are the people who do not experience bleeding gums, infection, gum recession, or bone loss.

On the other hand, deep teeth cleaning in Livonia is recommended to those who already have irritated gums, and have pockets that are deeper than 3mm. These may be signs of gingivitis or inflammation. It is always good to prevent this from developing into serious dental problems like periodontitis and more.

What is included in a deep cleaning session?

Expect your dentist to do some scaling. This process comprises plaque and tartar removal from the pockets between teeth and gums, and on the surface of the teeth. Root planning should also be expected. This is where the dentist uses a scaling instrument to remove tartar and plaque from the roots of your teeth.

What are the consequences of not getting a dental deep cleaning procedure?

The symptoms creep in slowly. Initially, you may notice gum inflammation, bleeding, or tooth sensitivity. Going further, these symptoms can develop into a more serious problem which can infect your tooth and lead to possible abscesses, heart disease and more.

How does the treatment work and what is the recommended after care?

Once the dentist is done with removing all the plaque and food debris from your mouth, gum healing is facilitated. There are numerous ways to maintain well-healed gums. Consult with a dental office in Livonia to know more about them.

A deep cleaning may seem like a daunting procedure for many. But reading through its uses, mechanism and after care will prove otherwise. Just imagine how consuming tons of food and beverages could become lodged in spaces in between your teeth and gums overtime.

This is a good investment. As long as you are to work with the best in the industry, you know you are on your way to getting that good looking smile back. This goes hand in hand with your home dental care routine.

If you do not know if you are a good candidate for this treatment, go ahead and schedule an appointment with a dental office in Livonia. A professional’s advice is still the best solution to follow. Apart from making sure you feel good all the time, you can be sure that your teeth will be looking as best as ever with proper maintenance.