Mouth Guards and Night Guards Near You

A mouth guard is a critical piece of safety equipment worn during sports. This device protects a patient’s teeth and surrounding tissues in the mouth and preserves the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. It also reduces the risk of tooth related trauma and the development of oral health issues. In addition to sports guards, night guards are a type of mouth guard that is worn by patients who suffer from bruxism and TMD disorders.

mouth guards and night guards in livonia

Types of Mouth Guards in Livonia, MI 48152

  • Stock mouth guards: can be found at sporting goods stores, come pre-formed, and are fairly inexpensive. They are typically worn during sports, however, they are not recommended by dentists as they lack retention and offer the least amount of protection.
  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards: this is the most commonly used mouth guard and is also found over-the-counter. When it is placed into hot water, the mouth guard softens and forms to the patient’s mouth. It offers a better fit than stock mouth guards but does not offer nearly as much protection as a custom-fitted mouth guard.
  • Custom-made-mouth guards: this mouth guard is professionally designed by a dentist. It offers the most protection and comfort as it is created based on impressions of the patient’s teeth. Custom-made mouth guards in Livonia, MI 48152 can effectively treat bruxism or TMD disorders. They are also recommended to patients who patriciate in contact sports as they can greatly reduce the risk of trauma to the teeth.
mouth guards and night guards near you

Why Wear Mouth Guards Near You?

A custom-made mouth guard provides the highest level of protection, without hindering speech or breathing. Wearing a custom-made mouth guard can:

  • Protect the teeth
  • Lower the risk of facial fractures or concussions
  • Increase performance
  • Prevent cheek lesions
  • Prevent lip lesions
  • Prevent tongue lesions
  • Prevent gum and soft tissue injuries
  • Prevent neck injuries
  • Prevent the teeth from becoming chipped or broken
  • Prevent nerve damage
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Reduce teeth clenching and grinding