How Many Reasons Are There to Whiten Your Teeth?

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reasons are there to whiten your teeth

Are you someone who feels guilty when you dare to take a moment for yourself or to indulge in even a modicum of gentle self care? Far too many people are reluctant to take advantage of cosmetic dentistry options out of some misguided notion that cosmetic considerations aren’t important enough or that they aren’t essential enough to warrant an investment of time and money.

Psychologists around the world recognize and research and write about the importance of self-esteem to a person’s well-being and emotional and psychological health. Research has established the important link between one’s perception of your own appearance — including the appearance and health of your teeth — to self-esteem and a sense of well-being. Let’s give you a real-world example. Whiter and healthier teeth contribute to a person’s sense of well-being and confidence which in turn is positive for their emotional and psychological well-being. Do you need any other reasons to take a moment, to spend a few dollars, and to invest in you and your smile? Here are a few.

Whiter teeth will take years off your apparent age. The passage of time inevitably makes your teeth appear more yellow. As time passes, enamel is worn away from your teeth only to reveal more and more of the (yellow!) dentin layer beneath. Do you remember the whiter teeth of your youth? Teeth whitening in Livonia can help restore those bygone days.

There’s a special event coming up. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, bon voyage party, job interview or just a Tuesday, there’s a day coming that warrants just a little extra effort and time spent to be and feel your best.

Whiter teeth make a more positive impression. Is it shallow or just acknowledging reality? All things being equal, people in all sorts of positions are more attracted to, intrigued by and interested in the most attractive people. The colour and condition of your teeth is a significant part of your appearance and attractiveness. If there’s any reason to be more attractive, intriguing and interesting — A date? A job interview? A speech or presentation? — prepare for that day by setting up teeth whitening near you.

There are some things about the past that you can change. How many packs a day did you smoke before you finally quit. Remember when you finally stopped drinking six coffees a day and a third glass of wine before bed? Your teeth can carry the shadows of a history that has long ago been rewritten by showing the world the stains left behind by prior bad habits. If you’ve turned a new leaf, don’t let the detritus of bygone days cramp your style any longer.

You deserve it. You deserve not to be self-conscious about the colour and condition of your teeth. You deserve to show your true and most confident self to the world. The rest of the world deserves it to — the chance to meet the brightest and most confident version of yourself.

When you’re ready to invest a little time and money in your own well-being, self-esteem and confidence, contact a dentist near you and ask for an appointment to have your teeth whitened. It’s as easy and rewarding as that. (As if you need one more reason, don’t forget that whiter teeth are healthier, too! Whiter teeth almost invariably means the absence of plaque and tartar and a reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Suddenly getting your teeth cleaned seems like the entirely prudent thing to do, right?)