Chocolate: Healthy or Harmful for Your Teeth?

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chocolate healthy or harmful for your teeth

Those young and old, love chocolate! If Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day or another holiday is around the corner, then you’ll likely find some chocolate lying around the house. Now, you may be wondering, “is eating chocolate bad for my teeth?” Continue reading to find out the answer. You may be surprised to hear that chocolate could prevent you from visiting your dental clinic in Livonia due to a toothache.

Whether you enjoy eating milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, then you’ll still be delighted to find out about the benefits of this treat. Chocolate has more than just one positive effect on your health.

How Chocolate Affects Your Health 

Have you ever felt like eating chocolate boosted your mood? This is more than just a placebo effect; chocolate releases endorphins—a happy hormone. According to studies, eating chocolate regularly can improve your overall brain condition throughout time. This sounds like a legitimate reason to start indulging! But let’s take a deeper look at how eating different types of chocolate impacts your oral health, specifically your teeth.

Chocolate Types for Your Teeth

When you think of chocolate, it’s likely that milk chocolate may have come to your mind. That’s because this type of chocolate is one of the most common and widely consumed types in the world. The bad news is, milk chocolate is higher in sugar than its dark chocolate counterparts, which means it can harm your teeth. Milk chocolate is comprised of twenty to thirty percent real cocoa and the rest being sugar and powdered milk. Eating milk chocolate can result in tooth decay and cavities, but what about dark chocolate?

Undoubtedly, dark chocolate is the healthiest choice when it comes to your teeth. Alternatively, dark chocolate contains seventy percent cocoa and thirty percent powdered milk and sugar. According to some studies, eating dark chocolate can prevent cavities due to the polyphenols it contains, which fight bacteria growth in your mouth. The consumption of dark chocolate can also inhibit bad breath as it neutralizes organisms that exist in your mouth. Not only that, dark chocolate can reduce tooth decay and cavities by stopping sugars from converting into acids and breaking down your enamel. Lastly, dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which are not only beneficial for your overall health but also your oral health. When you have higher levels of antioxidants in your saliva, it can combat gum disease, and if you want to avoid tooth loss caused by gum disease, then eating chocolate sounds like a pretty great idea! Also, don’t forget to visit a dentist office near you every six months to keep your teeth in optimal condition.