Cavity Treatment: Ways to Treat Cavities

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cavity treatment- ways to treat cavities

Caries or dental cavities are holes found in the surface of teeth. They may be caused by bacteria that accumulated on your teeth at one point which stimulated the production of acid. This will then produce a sticky substance known as plaque. This acid will be eliminating the minerals found in your tooth enamel that serves as the coating of your teeth. Once the dentin layer has been damaged, cavities will develop. To prevent this, it is essential to seek the help of a dentist that specializes in dental cavities in Livonia.

Types of Cavities

If you ignore the problem and the plaque has not been removed, it is highly likely that cavities will develop. You will have to visit dental professionals regularly to ensure that your dental health is being monitored for any signs of problems. Different types of cavities will also require different treatments.

  • Root Decay- This is one of the most common dental problems among older people since they are also prone to receding gums. This will happen on the root surface of our teeth.
  • Fissure Decay- This problem will happen on the surface of the chewing teeth. Usually, this can easily be prevented by properly brushing and flossing your teeth. In case you are not consistent with your oral hygiene, this problem can easily develop.
  • Smooth Surface Cavity- This cavity will develop at the exterior smooth surface of our teeth. This is not as serious as the other types of cavities and can easily be treated with fluoride application.

Different Treatment for Cavities

Regular dental examinations can help in identifying a range of dental problems including cavities before they can even produce symptoms that lead to pain and discomfort. The earlier you seek help from the professionals regarding dental cavities in Livonia, the higher the chance that you can save your teeth and restore your smile. In case the cavity has been treated before you even experience severe pain, it is possible that you will not need expensive, intrusive, and extensive treatment. Here are some of the possible treatment options:

  • Fluoride Treatment- If your cavity is still in its early stage, you can restore your enamel through fluoride treatment. It is also possible to reverse the problem. Fluoride treatment offered by your dentist in Livonia will contain a higher level of fluoride than the level found in mouth rinse and toothpaste. This can be in the form of a varnish, foam, gel, or liquid. Fluoride can either be applied directly on your teeth or be placed in a dental tray that will be fitted to your teeth.
  • Dental Fillings- This is commonly referred to as restorations. It is the best treatment in case your cavity has passed its early phase. This can be made from different materials such as dental amalgam, porcelain, and composite resins. It can also be a mixture of various materials.
  • Dental Crowns- For severe weakening of extremely damaged teeth, the dentist may recommend dental crowns. This is a custom-fit covering that aims to replace the natural crown of your teeth. The dentist will drill the area that has decayed and trim your teeth to ensure that the crowns will perfectly fit. This can be made from porcelain, resin, or gold which will be fused with metals.
  • Root Canals- Once the decay has progressed to the inner part of your teeth such as the pulp, root canal therapy may be your option. This treatment will save and repair the infected and badly damaged teeth. The damaged pulp will be removed instead of extracting your teeth. In some instances, medication may be applied to eliminate the infection. The pulp will then be replaced by the dental filling.
  • Tooth Extraction- When your tooth becomes extremely damaged to the point that it can no longer be restored. The only option you have is to remove it. Once the tooth has been extracted, there will be a gap that will cause the teeth to shift. To prevent the shifting of the teeth, consider getting a dental implant or bridge.

In case you are already experiencing pain due to your cavity, do not hesitate to call our dentists in Livonia. While waiting for your appointment, there are some steps that you should take to prevent your teeth from acquiring further damage.