What to Expect at Your Routine Dental Exam

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expect at your routine dental exam

If it is time for your biannual oral exam in Livonia, then learning about what to expect can certainly help you understand its benefits. Not only that, many patients have anxiety about visiting their dentist for a dental exam because they are unsure of what to expect. This article is intended to provide insight into what a regular oral exam entails so you can feel prepared for your next visit to a dentist near you.

Why Are Regular Dental Exams Important?

First, let’s discuss what the purpose and importance of a regular dental checkup is. Often, we have been influenced to associate the word dentist with pain, drilling, and complicated and extensive dental treatment. Because of this, many patients only visit their dentist when a problem arises or when they experience pain, which could both be prevented through regular dental care. When you visit your dentist in Livonia every six months or more often, you can ensure you receive a diagnosis and the proper treatment early on, this will prevent the need for invasive dental procedures later on.

Issues that can be detected during a dental checkup and dealt with early on increase your chances of successful treatment and also saves you time and money in the future.

How Often Should I Visit My Dental Clinic in Livonia?

The frequency of your dental appointments will depend on your oral health and medical history. For most patients who have a healthy mouth, dentists will recommend they visit every six months. Patients who have specific oral conditions like gum disease or are at high-risk for oral issues should visit their dentist more often–every three to four months.

With that said, your dentist will determine when you should see them after accessing the health of your teeth and gums and risk of dental complications.

What You Should Expect from a Routine Dental Exam

Your dentist will conduct your dental checkup, along with the help of our dental assistants or dental hygienists when teeth cleaning is required. Below is a more detail look at the overall appointment:

Analyzing Your Medical History

Your dentist will ask you some question regarding your medical history. These questions may include if you have any diseases or conditions, if you are currently taking medication(s), if you smoke or drink alcohol, if you have any allergies and what previous dental work you have had.


Once your dentist has received adequate information, they will perform a concise investigation of your mouth.

X-rays may be taken to detect oral abnormalities that are invisible to the naked eye. Usually, X-rays are not necessary during every oral exam in Livonia. Note, if you have any concerns about radiation exposure, speak with your dentist. X-rays are a safe and vital diagnostic tool and patient’s exposure to radiation is low.

Dental Cleaning

During your dental cleaning, a dental professional will eliminate tartar that forms often on your teeth and under your gums. Once the tartar is scraped away, it will be time to polish your teeth. A fluoride treatment may be performed on your teeth as well. Your dentist will also recommend proper brushing and flossing techniques which help you maintain your oral hygiene.

Now that you have a better understanding of dental exams and why they are important, perhaps you will gain some motivation to visit your dental clinic in Livonia. Maintaining regular appointments can be the difference between the need for complicated dental treatment and the future of straightforward and hassle-free appointments.