Six Surprising Facts About Children’s Dental Health

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surprising facts about childrens dental health

Your child’s oral health requires both pediatric dental care and parental guidance. To have a radiant smile and apply proper dental care habits, it’s necessary to implement these practices from an early age. Otherwise, decay and other dental diseases can rapidly thrive in your child’s mouth. Parents should be the number one promoters of raising awareness about developing a healthy oral routine for children.

1. It’s Not Only About the Candies!

Finding someone or something to blame is easy. However, candy and sweets are not the only culprit of poor dental health, or at least not by themselves. Like most things in life, finding the right balance between limiting your child’s intake of sugar and caring for their teeth afterwards will reduce the risk of developing cavities.

Having good brushing habits and proper oral care has the greatest impact on oral health regarding what you eat. When you have a balanced diet it can improve overall tooth health because it provides the enamel with minerals and elements necessary to grow.

2. It All Begins With the Eruption of the First Tooth

After your baby’s first tooth erupts, you can use a soft cloth for wiping your baby’s gums. An infant toothbrush is an ideal instrument to switch to once the tooth is completely out. Cleanse your baby’s mouth twice a day and do not tuck them into bed with a bottle of milk. Feed them, clean their mouth and if necessary, fill their bottle with water.

This helps you to establish a tooth brushing routine for your child to boost their oral health.

3. Are Parents to Blame for Cavities?

Frequently, parents kiss babies on the mouth and “spread” cavity-producing bacteria, such as streptococcus mutants. This also happens when you share a spoon or pacifiers. Hence, you should try to avoid these practices and strive for the best oral care possible.

It is less likely for children to develop cavities and other oral diseases if parents have better oral care. Find a dental clinic in Livonia and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and checkup.

4. Tooth Decay is Very Common in Children!

Tooth cavities and decay are the number 1 chronic ailment suffered by children in the United States. About 20% of children have some sort of tooth decay. Moreover, tooth decay not only affects your child’s teeth, it also causes major health problems in adulthood and drastically increases the number of dental visits necessary.

5. An Unnecessary Risk!

There are many ways to prevent tooth decay. The dentist’s primary weapon is fluoride. From toothpaste to mouthwash, a minimum concentration of fluoride prevents decay in baby teeth effectively. Children who have received fluoride treatment in the form of varnish, which can be performed by a pediatric dentist near you, have benefited from long-term positive effects.

There’s also another preventive procedure offered that uses dental sealants to prevent tooth decay. During this treatment back tooth surfaces are painted with a plastic coating.

6.It Is Never Too Early

By the time infants have celebrated their first birthday they should visit a pediatric dentist in Livonia. The benefits that come from attending a dental appointment by their first birthday are countless. Firstly, those visits helps to build a routine focused on healthy oral care for your whole family. An evaluation from a pediatric dentist near you will be able to detect any early oral disease signs and administer early effective treatment.

Find an oral health care provider specially trained in pediatric care/treatments and with a kid-friendly atmosphere that’s welcoming and enjoyable so your children develop the best oral care and a healthy smile for life.